Covid-19 Policy

Covid-19 Secure Workplace Policy

If you have booked or intend to book an appointment then can I ask you to read the following information very carefully so you know what to expect. I will be following the advice of The Association of Reflexologists and the Complementary Therapists Association which goes above and beyond that of the government. The following guidelines will be implemented to keep you, myself and my family safe and secure during the on-going crisis. Please be rest assured that your on-going safety during your visit is my priority and I will do everything possible to minimise risk. I’m sure that the following changes will become second nature to us all and you will be seeing similar precautions and changes when you visit your hairdresser, beautician, salon, doctor or dentist.

1. Before every appointment I will have to call you to conduct a short risk assessment which will just be to confirm that you’re well, have no Covid-19 symptoms and that you haven’t been in close contact with anybody displaying symptoms. I will also be conducting telephone consultations with new clients prior to their first treatment to minimise the time spent in the treatment room. I will also be risk assessing myself and my family and will, of course, cancel appointments if I or my family display symptoms, have been in close contact with somebody displaying symptoms or if we’ve been contacted by track and trace. I will now have to keep a record of everybody visiting me for 21 days in case details are needed for the UK Track and Trace service.

2. I will be asking everybody to wear a face covering/mask when entering the treatment room and for the duration of your treatment if you are having reflexology. Can you please ensure that you are already wearing one before you enter the treatment room and only remove it once you have left the premises. These can be homemade or a scarf and don’t need to be medical grade. If you do forget your mask, I will have some available to purchase on the day for £1 each. If you are having Indian Head Massage or Natural Lift Facial Massage then I would ask you to still wear a mask into the treatment room and  only remove it once you are seated and the treatment is about to commence and then put it back on before getting dressed. I will be wearing a visor for your protection during reflexology treatments and a medical grade mask plus a visor during my other treatments where I will be closer to you.

3. To avoid coming through the house, I will now bring clients in through the rear entrance to my treatment room. If you still knock/ring at the front door, you can enter the garden through the side gate and walk directly into my treatment room through the French doors where I will meet you. I would ask that you avoid touching anything unnecessarily during your visit, that you use the toilet before arrival and only use my bathroom in an emergency. Disposable paper towels will be available for hand drying, if you need them. My downstairs bathroom will be fully sanitized before your arrival and I will ensure no other family member uses it during your visit to maintain the sterile environment.

4. I will ask you to remove your shoes at the door and place all your coats, bags and personal possessions into a sealed plastic container for the duration of your visit. If possible, can you minimise the amount of possessions that you bring with you.  

5. I will take and record your temperature with a non contact, laser thermometer and I will also be taking and recording my own temperature twice daily. 

6. I will have plenty of hand sanitizer available which is 70% alcohol with a pump dispenser and I will ask you to sanitize your hands upon entering and leaving the treatment room. I will also ask you to sanitize your hands if you need to cough, sneeze or use a tissue. Small, individual packets of tissues will be available, if needed. 

7. If you’d like water, I will now have to ask you to bring your own bottle as I will no longer be able to supply this. Please only remove your mask and drink this once you have left the treatment room. 

8. You will notice that the treatment room looks a little different as I’ve had to remove all soft furnishings, leaflets and ornaments to allow for ease of cleaning and sanitation but your treatment will be just the same!

9. If possible, I would ask you to make payment by online bank transfer prior to your treatment (please contact me for details) or by contactless card payment. If you need to pay by cash can you please ensure you have the correct change.

 10. Please click here https://www.aor.org.uk/secure-workplace-policy/ if you would like to view the latest Covid-19 secure workplace document from the Association of Reflexologists, for your guidance. I will be following this and adding some extra measures also suggested by the CThA.

 11. Please note that my cancellation policy will be relaxed during this time so that if anybody is displaying Covid symptoms then they can cancel their appointment at short notice, without penalty.

 12. I will be thoroughly disinfecting and cleaning the treatment room before clients arrive, paying particular attention to any areas touched like door handles etc. I have prepared a cleaning checklist to make sure that no areas are missed and I will be updating this on a daily basis. Any blankets, towels and chair/couch coverings will be changed for each client and washed at 60 deg. C. My dedicated work wear will also be changed and washed between clients. I would also ask that if you are a frontline NHS worker or/and have travelled home using public transport that you could change your clothes and shower prior to your appointment.

13. My room will be well ventilated and I will be required to keep a window open during your visit so please ask for a blanket if you feel cold. I have also been told not to use any form of air conditioning or fans so to keep my room as cool as possible during hot weather I have now had heat reflective blinds installed over the skylights.

 14. I will also be temporarily restricting my appointments to 2 per day, one in the morning and one in the evening to allow for full cleaning and ventilation of the room between clients and to ensure there is no client overlap so you may have to wait slightly longer than usual for your treatment. Please bear with me as I get used to the new procedures and extra cleaning and I may be able to offer some extra appointments if I can manage this.

 15. I have been advised that a client should only spend a maximum of 1.5 hours in the treatment room so double appointments will not be possible at this time.

I hope that this all makes sense and doesn’t appear too daunting but if you have any questions concerning these new procedures, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Updated 27/8/20

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