Hot Stone Reflexology

About Hot Stone Reflexology Take relaxation to an even deeper level with a Hot Stone Reflexology treatment. I use the Vulsini, basalt, volcanic stones which retain heat for long periods of time and can penetrate the tissues to a deeper level of up to 7-8 cms. The heat can bring about physiological and psychological changes, promoting a meditative state and can influence the internal energy flow, bringing balance to the body and mind. This is an incredibly indulgent treatment which enhances the benefits of a conventional reflexology treatment, leaving you feeling balanced, rejuvenated and reenergised. Hot Stone Reflexology – Benefits Reduces muscle tension the heat penetrates to a deep level relaxing the muscle allowing the therapist to work further and deeper with the muscle fibre. Promotes relaxation - the soothing heat of the stones helps to melt away any anxiety or tension and slows down the heart rate and respiration. Increases the circulation and elimination of waste products Promotes the release of tension in connective tissue Improves lymphatic function and boosts immunity What to expect during a Hot Stone Reflexology Treatment The stones are heated before your arrival in a thermostatically controlled heating bag which will keep the stones at an optimum and comfortable temperature. You will be asked to relax in a reclining chair with your feet raised to a suitable level. (Please ensure that you are wearing trousers that are loose enough to be pushed up above the knee.) Each lower leg and foot will be gently warmed up and massaged with the stones and hands, relieving tension in the calf muscles and promoting energy flow. Heated stones will then be placed between the toes of the left foot and a larger heated stone will be placed under the Achilles. Warm stones can also be placed on other areas of tension such as the shoulders or abdomen during the treatment to help relieve stress and promote relaxation. The foot will be wrapped in a towel while reflexology work targeting specific reflexes with the hot stones commences on the right foot. The same procedure then commences with the other foot and concludes with relaxing moves on both feet. The temperature of the stones can be adjusted to suit the needs of the client and are always cleansed between uses. Link to full Privacy Statement
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