Natural Lift Face Massage

About Natural Lift Facial Massage / Facial Rejuvenation This therapy is carried out with the client laying on their back on a treatment couch and involves techniques used on the face, shoulders, neck and scalp. It is carried out in 7 stages over 45 minutes and incorporates a unique blend of highly effective techniques including Indian and Japanese facial massage, acupressure for the face, facial reflexology, lymphatic drainage and beauty facial techniques. You will be covered with a towel and a blanket if required with your shoulders, neck, upper arms and head exposed and I use a scented, vegan and cruelty free massage oil for the treatment. If you are short on time or money, I also offer a shorter 30 minute treatment. If you’d like to combine this treatment with Reiki then I can add 15 minutes of Reiki onto the end of the session. Please visit my Reiki page and prices page for full details. The Session Tuning in and making contact to aid relaxation. Neck and shoulder relaxation to encourage a state of deep relaxation and release of tension prior to the facial massage. Whole body and energy balance using facial reflexology and acupressure points to balance the internal organs. Similar to an acupuncture faceliift without the insertion of needles. Smooth and Lift to relieve muscular tension and free up any stuck connective tissues. Stabilising. A series of movements to encourage the face to absorb and accept the changes encouraged on the client’s face. Lymphatic drainage to aid the removal and dispersal of toxins from the facial tissues. Grounding to stimulate the mind and body to a re-awakened state. Benefits Improves saggy, puffy and grey skin. Reduces expression lines and wrinkles. Reduces and releases muscular tension in the face and jaw. Improves skin suppleness. Relieves stress symptoms such as insomnia, headaches and eye strain. Aids removal of dead skin cells. Maintains a fresh, youthful appearance. Enhances physical and mental relaxation. Retrains muscles in the face to stay lifted and firm. Balances the energy systems of the body. Promotes a healthy, vibrant, glowing complexion. For optimum results it’s recommended to initially have six sessions once a week. To maintain results it’s recommended to then have a session once a month. Link to full Privacy Statement
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